Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.
Saifuddin Rassawala Founder


After migrating from India in 1947 leaving behind his hometown Udaipur, Saifuddin Rassawala(our grandfather) sought out to establish a business in hardware in Pakistan, with a background in Agricultural hardware and rope supplies (Hence the name "Rassa"wala) Saifuddin started making his name in the market by supplying Cut-to-size round bars and girders. Initially named Haidery Iron mart the business took root in 1950 which was later to be renamed Saify Iron, A name and identity that has withstood the tests of time for more than 65 years.

Today Saify Iron stands strong as a name of trust, reliability and credibility in the Pakistani Steel market. A family owned and family run business, it is now Survived by Five brothers (Sons of Saifuddin Rassawala) and their sons.

Steel Construction and Fabrication

After being established in the steel supplies market for half a century Saify iron has made way into the realm of Steel structures and fabrication. With qualified engineers highly skilled teams and almost a decade of experience under our belt we sought to revolutionalise Steel fabrication in Pakistan.